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As a Retention Specialist, you will learn the art of active listening and apply your problem-solving skills to deescalate customer concerns while providing the empathetic voice to the customer so that they understand that you validate their concerns. Use your way with words to engage you callers, reinforcing the range and power of unique products and their value to generate solutions. Provide exceptional service by promoting our campaigns and saving plans to customers. Alleviating customer concerns and bringing them around to value-added plans will be your specialty as you seamlessly transition between conversation and computer billing and requisition programs.


· Retain services to inbound Subscribers on promotion leads.

· Answer all Subscriber Spectrum Product questions including, assisting the Subscriber in placing an order and validate complete orders that are placed over the phone.

· Record transactions in the Charter billing systems.

· Update order fulfillment changes through direct Subscriber contact.

· Handle inbound calls from Subscriber with respect to Spectrum Products.

· Follows escalation procedures, as needed.

· Use empathetic dialogue to ensure customer has buy-in to the resolution of their issues/concerns.

· Complete any additional Spectrum Trackers, tickets, or other record keeping systems/applications as required.

· Work the Retention order through completion or cancelation via various means including billing system entry, automated email and/or phone support.

· Function as a universal Retention Agent supporting the IB telephone Retention and IB Retention support lines of business.


· Fluent in English (United States of America) with account notes to be made in English.

· High school graduate or GED required.

· Must meet or exceed KNOAH pre-hire screening process.

· Solid organizational skills (must be able to prioritize in a fast-paced environment, adjust to changing priorities, meet deadlines and work well under pressure).

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills (written skills at a level required to talk with Subscribers regarding available Spectrum Products and offers, process a payment, effectively note billing and support systems).

· Must be able to multitask – simultaneously using telephone and computer skills.

· Must be able to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

· Handle and overcome rejection/objections in an empathetic fashion.

· Self-starter and team player.

· Positive and enthusiastic.

· Problem solver approach to research and upsell opportunities.

· Able to adapt quickly to a fast paced and changing environment.

· Demonstrates self-control and patience.

· Desire to deliver superior customer service.

· Ability to work onsite, to a set schedule, critical days (Mondays), and mandatory weekends.


· $13.00 per hour + additional bonus incentives


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